Home SPORT NEWS “Cristiano And Messi Make It Seem Like We Didn’t Score Much”

“Cristiano And Messi Make It Seem Like We Didn’t Score Much”

“Cristiano And Messi Make It Seem Like We Didn’t Score Much”

Pippo Inzaghi, a former Italian footballer, spoke in an interview in ‘La Gazzetta Dello Sport’ on the occasion of the return of football in Italy.

He took the opportunity to review his own career and that of Messi and Cristiano. He said he is angry with them for overcoming others so comfortably.

Messi and Cristiano. Cristiano and Messi. The debate about their careers is endless and will probably drag on long after they retire. The last one to mention them was Inzaghi, an Italian football legend, in an interview with ‘La Gazzetta Dello Sport’.

He said, in a good-natured tone, that he is “a little angry” with them. The reason: “Because of them, it seems that Raul and I scored few goals in the Cups.” The figures support what he implied: the Portuguese and the Argentinian are one step above the rest of the players in history.

In fact, referring to the current Juventus prodigy, with whom he concurred, he confessed that he has a certain amount of admiration for him. “I didn’t imagine he’d have such an extraordinary career. I always talk about him in the dressing room as an example because I know how hard he trains,” he said.

As for the return of the game to his country after the health break, he said: “It’s a great joy, I can’t wait to turn on the TV and watch Juve-Milan. What he does regret about this situation is that “Cristiano and Ibrahimovic cannot play against each other”.

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